Nedbank Consolidation Loans and Debt Consolidation

Nedbank can help you consolidate you debt and unpaid personal loans, you can apply for a Nedbank Consolidation Loan through Nedbak brunches across South Africa and get a loan of up to 120 000.

What steps can you take to get out of debt? Do any of these sound familiar?

What’s going on in your life?

  • You have high credit card expenses.
  • You have lots of store cards and accounts.
  • You have unpaid debts.
  • You may have some personal loans.
  • You’re scared to open the mail at the end of the month.
  • Companies may have started to call you to demand repayments.
  • You spend more than you earn.

Your financial needs

  • Do not borrow any more money.
  • Cut up your credit cards and store cards and close all your accounts.
  • Seriously review your budget and cut back on unnecessary spending.
  • Pay off high interest, short term debt first.

Other financial considerations

  • Consider debt consolidation.
  • Consider a debt management plan.
  • Don’t even think about investing until you have paid off your short term debt.

Apply Below

0860 103 582

Nedbank Consolidation Loans and Debt Consolidation
Nedbank Consolidation Loans and Debt Consolidation

46 Comments on Nedbank Consolidation Loans and Debt Consolidation

  1. I,am asking nedbank to help me consolidate my loans I need to have only one instalment month end please I can,t enjoy my pay every month end.

  2. I want to enquire if it would be possible for me to apply for a debt consolidation loan of approxamately R110 000, and what would the monthly installments be?

  3. i need more info about debt consolidation from nedbank
    i wil be glad to hear from you soon as i am a nedbank client .i thank you

  4. i want to make a consolidation loan to settle all my debts.
    heres my contact number
    contact number is 0834986313

  5. Good Day
    I have lot of debt and haven’t paid for my other loans because i cant’t afford but only if i can put them all together in one loan and then for that certain period then i will know that one day ill be free and have good credit again and sleep at night, iv been trying to find help but neither any banks credit providers are willing to help

    please help.

  6. Good day, I’m currently in debts, actually I lost My the Father of My Child earlly this year & We were living together helping each other in most of the thing, but He also got jobless two years ago. I was the only one working & I hav an Avanza car that works as a Taxi but it has problems & needs money for it to start working again. I’m currently in need of consolidation loan, as I have too much debit orders in My acc & I end up with nothing in my account. I think consolidation loan is the last option, as I can see I will end up being black listed. Please kindly Help.

  7. I am more than a year permanently employed by Liberty Properties. I would like your assistance on how to pay my depts. I would like to pay one affordable monthly installment and left with sufficient fund for living at the end of the day.

  8. DEAR SIR I NEEDS HELP UNDER YOUR BANK DEBT CONSOLIDATION LOAN I DONT KNOW U CAN HELP MI pleas I’m still working I earn 6400,00 after deduction but I’ve got more credit even some of them they are in areas pleas can u help mi so that I can pay one instalment which is going to be you pleas I live in klerksdorp

  9. I have 3 personal loan with Nedbank, but I want to have 1 account to pay, can you kindly consolidate me sothat I can pay 1 account?

  10. Im really i debts and i can’t afford them all but definately sure i will manage to pay bag nedbank if they could help me.

  11. I am having three loans which I pay a lot living my account empty even my car installment is in arrears because of insufficient funds I bank with nedbank please help with consideration loan.

  12. DEAR SIR

    My name is Pholoana TEBELLO JANKIE and. I like to apply for Consolidation loan from u I want to c my self paying one account at a time does why I came to u because I am not filling well about my accounts can u help me

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