Real People Consolidation Loans

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Apply for a Personal Loan here

Real People offer their customers a chance to consolidate their debt, you can apply for a Real People unsecured Personal Loans through a nationwide branch network:

Products and Services

Real People offer their customers unsecured short-term and long-term loans, each with their own minimum and maximum loan amounts.

Short Term:

  • The Short Term Personal Loan offers loans up to R5,000 for new customers and up to R6,000 for repeat customers over a period of 1 month, 3 months or 6 months.

Long Term:

  • The Long Term Personal Loan offers loans from R15 000 up to R90 000 over a period of between 6 months to 48 months.

Real Makoya Personal Loan:

  • The Real Makoya Personal Loan was designed for repeat customers and is a “Top Up” Personal Loan. We do not charge initiation fees on the Real Makoya Personal Loan.

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Customer support:
Enquiries – 0861 10 17 24
Email –

Real People consolidation loans

Real People consolidation loans

18 Responses to “Real People Consolidation Loans”

  1. Chigo Malepe

    I urgently need cash to cover my brother’s but unfortunately I’m blacklisted

  2. Richard Dennis Lukas

    I am looking urgently for a consolidation loan to consolidat all my debts in to one to keep my credit record clean

  3. Ntombifuthi

    Hi I would like to apply for a consolidation loan that will help to pay one affordable instalment

  4. sonto

    iii want to know more about yo consolidation loans,what is your maximum consolidation

  5. manickum vadivew

    I am your long and loyal client with up to date payments , and in need of a top up urgently. R 15000 or consolidated loan

  6. Linda Msimanga

    I need a consolidation loan over 24/36months to consolidate and invest in a business to bring in extra income. I am blacklisted with a possible judgement. Loan is very substantial R60000 without being placed under debt review!


  7. tebuho

    i would like to get a loan for R 80000, my salary is R 3500, i took credit of R 5000 from jet a year back. am about to finish this loan advise me on this, thanks

    • Edward Rasepae

      Hi, my name is Edward Rasepae I would to apply for a person will be a pleasure if you get back to me my number 0785307187 and 0781239764 thnk you

  8. Nolubabalo Mbiko

    i would like to consolidate my debts with real people , I am in Saldanha Western Cape.


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