Loans for Education Fees

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Loans for Education are rear due to the fact that students are not working and they wont be able to pay back the loan amount borrowed, but some banks are now offering student loans including edu-loan where a parent will be responsible repayments of the loan.

NSFAS is the only scheme that allows the student to study and pay the loan amount when they are finished with their studies and if the student has passed all his subjects the scheme then becomes a bursary in this case the student wont be required to repay the scheme.

How can get a Education Loan

Depending on what you want you can go to Edu-Loan, the Bank or contact NSFAS, NSFAS is usually located at the higher institution that you are going to, they have offices to all tertiary institutions in South Africa.

Loans for Education Fees
Loans for Education Fees

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