The AC Finance are the professional advice this means that they really need to get to know you and maintain an understanding of your medium to long term goal matching your needs with the ideal solution and providing prompt and professional service.

Ways to apply

Apply Below

You can apply online or through mobile site, AC Finance have an online service and mobile services as well, you can use these services to know more about AC product and services.

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you need just your personal details to use online or on your mobile such as your name, cell number, email, have a valid ID and a working bank account.

What does the AC Finance offer

The AC Finance offer you products and services that will suit you as your circumstances change, they also offer payday loan with low repayment rate, with repayment month of a 1 month and they offer loans from R500 to R1000 on your first loan, payday loan consider a customer’s affordability before the loan is granted.

Contact details

Tel: 01642240789 or Fax: 01642 249 570 or

AC Finance
AC Finance

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