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The Bonus Loan is the loan borrowed within 2 months and repaid in full during your bonus month and the are no deductions, and is easy to apply online with the minimum amount of R1000 and the maximum of R4 000 the Bonus Loan is not the short or a payday loan in just working hours you can get approved for a Bonus Loan.

Ways to apply

To apply for a Bonus Loan you can apply online completing the application loan form with your personal and work details.

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To apply for a Bonus Loan only your personal details are needed in just 3 simple steps you can get approved Bonus Loan is like bonus in your pocket.

What does the Bonus Loan offer

The Bonus Loan offer loans from R1000 up to R4 000 with easy repayment rates and percents it is easy to apply for Bonus Loan with the online application.

Contact details or Call:+27(0)41 922 8843

Bonus Loan
Bonus Loan

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