SA Multi Loans offers loans of up to R20 000 even to blacklisted

SA Multi Loans is a credit provider that offers a personal loan from R500 up to R15 000 with the repayment month’s of 48 with fixed interest rates and blacklisted people can apply even if you have a bad credit record in tough times or emergency times SA Multi Loans can give you that helping hand in a loan to apply is fast online you just complete the application for and fax or email your work and personal documents.

Ways to apply

SA Multi Loans is the online application everything happens online when applying you need to send them this documents the latest of bank statement, recent payslips, contact details of where you work and the working cell phone number that is all you need to apply for SA Multi Loans.

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What does the SA Multi Loans offer

SA Multi Loans offers loans from R500 up to R15 000 with 48 month’s to pay, fixed interest rates, blacklisted people can apply even with bad credit record with SA Multi Loans you can shape your credit record make that step with the SA Multi Loans through a loan.

Contact details

Call:012 321 8880

SA Multi Loan
SA Multi Loan

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