Consolidation Loan

Consolidation Loan comes in when you have multiple loans and you can not repay them so consolidation loan helps to consolidate your debts meaning paying all the other loans and be left with only one and a certain money in your pocket to apply is quick and simple online with the required documents the loan is from R10 000 up to R300 000.

Ways to apply for a Consolidation Loan

Its simple, you only apply online filling in the application form with your personal details so that your loan can be in process for you to get a consolidation loan. But almost half of the work is done online and documents to have is your valid ID, latest of your bank statement, recent payslips and proof of residence.

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What does the Consolidation Loan offer

The Consolidation Loan offers a settlements in your debts because they’ll offer you a lump sum of money to settle your debts so you are left with one, and the consolidation loan is from R10 000 up to R300 000 to apply you can apply online or visit your nearest branch a Consolidation Loan can combine your debts into one installment.

Contact details
Email : or Phone: (011) 504 2172 Cell: 082 068 3806
Fax: 086 618 3439

Debt Consolidation Loan
Debt Consolidation Loan

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