UBA AfriCash

UBA AfriCash is the world wide money transfer is a fast and reliable payment service and is available for account holders and cash collector their services is up to standard and refunds and cancellation can be done in an instant and their charges are less and convenient to use.

Ways to apply

Apply Below

UBA AfriCash to apply for their services you need to visit the supporting branch with the required documents and send or receive cash.

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What does the UBA AfriCash offer

UBA AfriCash offers their best service in the transferring of cash or payment in a smart way where the fund and cancellation with refund is acceptable UBA AfriCash have just made the transferring of cash the whole world possible.

Contact details

Call:+234(01) 2718000-4 or Fax:+234(01) 2718009 or visit the Website:www.ubagroup.com

Africash Loan
Africash Loan

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