Land Bank Loans

Land Bank Loans offers a wide range of loans for all your financial needs like buying the land, equipment and the working capital for agricultural projects you get to choose the loan that you want between the medium term loan, long term loan and the short term loan so you just get to choose and apply by visiting the supporting branch with the needed documents you can now purchase livestock using the latest available animal identification technology.

Land Bank Loans application

Land Bank Loans offers the branch visit application where you need to have all your supporting documents in hand and only hand application are taken inconsideration have your identity document, be South African, affordability to pay, a business plan and if you need assistance they also offer.

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Land Bank Loans offer

Land Bank Loans offers all that you need when it comes to a agricultural funding like the long term loan, medium term loan and the short term loan so you get to choose the loan that is best to you and apply by visiting your nearest supporting branch and even if you are blacklisted they assist you to get the loan that you can afford it is fast and simple to get the loan that suits you with Land Bank Loans.

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For more on Land Bank Loans Call:Switch Board: 012 686 0500 or Toll Free: 0800 00 52 59 or Central Email:

Land Bank Loan
Land Bank Loan

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