Blacklisted Personal Loans

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If you are blacklisted are unlikely to get a loan from any financial service provider except the ones that do assist people with blacklisted or bad credit card.

13 Responses to “Blacklisted Personal Loans”

  1. Abram Gwepe

    Hi! Can u please contact me regarding loan application my numbers are as follows 0794348146


  2. TK.Oboletswe

    Looking for a car but blacklisted.If you do provide service for blacklisted people please give all the details you require from a person.

  3. Clodia Francis Swanepoel

    As Im under administration can u help me my Monthly salary is R4900 & more as I say more it can go up to R5200 a month I pay admin only R1400 so wil u be able to help I will afford to pay back thx

  4. Zanele

    i need a loan as soon as possible but I have a bad credit and need to consolidate all my accounts so that I just have only one installment.

  5. nqabakazi buhlungu

    im blackisted and i have been lending money from cashloans and now i only get 256 a month in my salary. I would be glad if you can help me consolidate all my debts because i have learnt a lesson.

  6. alton

    Please could you help me with consolidation for all my credit. Please contact me anyday between 12noon and 1pm.

  7. Mjabuliseni Zungu

    I request loan to consolidate accounts. An amount of R150 000.00 to be paid over a period of 5 years


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