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Apply for a personal loan online and know if you qualify or not, you can apply for a loan even if you are black listed, have bad credit record.

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  1. I received sms several times from Capfin which told me that R5500 is available for me to draw,but when i phone to draw that money, the Consltant told me that,there’s no money is ready to be drawn by me. I miss understood how.Please help me,I need that money.

  2. i need a consolidation loan for other loans i have ,and im realy strugling to pay them,ive tried to apply for many institutions and no aproval,please help me.’

  3. I work for the dept of education I qualify for a hosing
    Subsidy and need a bond for R400 000 please help I tried every
    Where but because I’m blacklisted I was declined.
    I would be very grteatful if u could help me please

    Thank you

  4. Hi…please I need a consolidation loan of R80 000 to settle all my debts into one installment please I’m struggling to survive with so much to pay for.please help

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